Getting a Free Estimate From A Moving Company

Getting a free estimate from a mover is essential for many reasons. Firstly, the price you are quoted for your move is a general indication of the overall cost of the move. Moving costs vary widely depending on the distance and type of move you have. Local moves will cost less than long-distance relocations. To get the most out of your free estimate, book your move early.

A moving estimate is calculated based on an itemized inventory, not on weight. You can be sure that the price you are quoted is accurate if you have an understanding of the amount of inventory and the amount of time it will take to move it. In addition, a moving company cannot request more than 110% of the estimate, since there will be extra charges. If the estimate is inaccurate, you can ask for a copy in writing before you agree to pay the full amount. A free estimate is for the services designated in the estimate and cannot include additional charges, such as extra inventory or service.

It is important to get at least three free moving quotes from several companies to ensure the accuracy of the estimate. Having three quotes from different companies can help you spot red flags, and the more quotes you get, the better. While you may be able to get a free quote from moving companies over the phone or through self-guided apps, it is still best to get a comprehensive estimate from a local moving company in person.